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Crochet Hook Bracelet Tutorial


Grab your spare small hooks (E/3.5mm hook or smaller) and a pair of jewelry pliers (or regular pliers with something to buffer in between) and make yourself a crochet hook bracelet!

Special thanks to lalael for showing me this!

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Kitty Charms
Just typed this up, since…kitties! :D

PLEASE DO NOT SELL THIS PATTERN. It’s available for FREE. Yes, I’ve run into this problem, and no, I don’t feel like being polite when I ask people not to be complete shitfuckers and sell a pattern they stole so they can make money on what’s FREE. Can’t and won’t stop you from selling the products you make with this. Though I sincerely hope I can at least get a few sales myself. XD

But the pattern? Nah, that’s free, don’t scam people.

- a pair of 6 mm safety eyes, black
- phone strap with lobster clasp, color of your choosing
- 9mm jump ring
- yarn (I use Caron Simply Soft) in colors of your choice
- fiberfill
- yarn needle
- crochet hook (I use E/3.50mm)

- ribbon/bell (optional)

Before starting the MR, loop yarn end through jump ring, let it slide out of the way for now. You won’t use it until you’ve done a couple of sc in your first round.

A cluster [cl] is 3 dc into one stitch, with a sl st in the first dc of the cluster, to bunch it up and make a triangular shape.
INC = 2 sc worked into one stitch
DEC = Invisible decrease over two stitches

R1: 6 sc in MR (6)
NOTE: Before finishing 3rd sc, push jump ring up and make sure it is on the right side of the yarn and then finish the third sc, this will keep it somewhat centered when you do the ears and attach the eyes. Make sure when you pull the MR closed, it remains on the outside of your work so you can later attach the lobster clasp to it for your phone strap – or a key ring if you’d prefer!
R2: INC in each sc around (12)
R3: [sc, INC] x 2, cluster, INC, [sc, INC], cluster, INC [sc, INC] (18)
R4: sc in each sc around, making sure to also sc in clusters (18)
R5-8: sc in each sc around (18)
Place safety eyes between rows 6 and 7, matching them up with the ears. Feel free to use the picture displayed with this to help align them.
R9: [sc, DEC] x 6 (12)
This is a good point to start stuffing the head.
R10: [sc, DEC] x 4 (8)
Make sure to stuff head firmly before continuing.
R11: [sc, INC] x 4 (12)
R12: [sc, INC] x 6 (18)
R13-16: sc in each sc around (18)
R17: [sc, DEC] x 6 (12)
Stuff body firmly.
R18: DEC six times around (6)
R19-29: sc in each sc around (6)
Fasten off, leaving enough yarn to sew up the tail and then sew the base of it to the body. Close up the end of the tail, weave end through the tail toward the base, and use it to sew the base of the tail against the body, then weave in the ends.

You can attach either yarn or a ribbon to the neck of the cat in a bow, and I don’t see why you can’t use a little jingly bell with it. (I have bells, but I have yet to get enough ribbon at the store in the colors I need to make these with ribbons – I plan to do so soon!)

Any questions? :3 I don’t bite! (As long as you don’t sell this FREE FREE FREE pattern.)

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