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Anonymous asked: what if like bucky's therapist encourages him to pick up a hobby that has absolutely nothing to do with espionage etc? like embroidery or cross-stitch or macrame? and he just leaves these intricate pieces of embroidery all over the avengers tower? and then tony interprets bucky's actions as like a serious cry for help and freaks out when he finds a macrame iron man on top of his dresser?


They all think that it’s a new hobby, and Steve lets them. But Bucky’s been able to do a mean cross-stitch since before Steve met him, said he learned it from his mother, and then it was something to bring in extra money, and then it’d been applied to sewing the rest of the Howlers up—

So Steve just buys threads and needles and listens to Bucky bitch about synthetics—Steve swears Bucky learns the internet just to buy his precious thread, and if Bucky thinks Steve isn’t going to make fun of him for that from here to kingdom come he’s got another thing coming. 

And then Clint shows Bucky something from Etsy, and all Steve knows is he’s got a pillow that says FUCK YOU and a hand towel that says PUNK and somehow Dum-E ended up with a bib that says SMARTEST ONE IN THE ROOM that seems to have Tony torn between being infuriated and deeply, deeply amused.

"You can sell those," Clint points out helpfully one day, and then there’s a goddamn Etsy shop full of beautiful, delicately-done, incredibly profane cross-stitch.

"So you can start paying rent now," Steve says when Bucky crows about how much it’s making (it’s a lot. It’s way more than it should be).

Bucky turns wide, wounded eyes on him. “But—I thought you said not to worry about it.”

"Oh Christ," Steve mutters.

"I thought you said that while I was in recovery—"


"—that I shouldn’t worry, that I should focus on my hobbies and getting better and—"

"Please stop, Sam is going to walk in the door and think I’m actually re-traumatizing you."

"—this is is making me happy.”

"Fine!" Steve groans, throwing his hands up. "I’ll just keep you in the manner to which you’ve become accustomed, okay?"

"Yeah, that’d be great," Bucky says easily, and if he thinks Steve misses the sly smile he shoots at Natasha (who is clearly in the doorway only to observe how incredibly whipped Steve is), well. He’s a moron.

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sonicmetennant asked: It seems like every time any of the Avengers are having a low day, they'll come across a warm chocolate chip cookie waiting for them, and it always cheers them up that someone noticed and cares, but they can't figure out who's doing it. Until Tony's doing routine maintenance on the system and comes across JARVIS's logs of actions and orders for cookie ingredients. (DUM-E's a lot better with a whisk than anyone would suspect.)


for some reason baking just clicks with dum-e unlike any of his other tasks ever have. even jarvis has a hard time understanding why he’s taken to this one thing, this immensely human thing (he can’t even eat the darn things!), with such flair

eventually dum-e quits needing recipes. he knows every avenger’s particular favorite and then he starts… experimenting. he starts out slow. moving from basic chocolate chip to chocolate chip with oreo chunks and eventually to gourmet cookies that the bodega down the street would kill to be able to charge and arm and leg for

as the various avengers grab a cookie from the warm plate on the kitchen counter and all remark on how they’ve never had any cookie, any food period, that good… tony beams.

he’s never been so proud

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